Registration of Farmers into the ICT4Farmers system

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The ICT4Farmers system is currently registering farmers from all around the world. This registration will enable a farmer utilize the modules of ict4farmers that is to say the call center incase of any farming inquiries, enterprise selection that enhances their decision making , alerts and notifications that alerts them incase...

Digitization in the farming sector

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Embracing ICT for the farmers is our passion. On the 18th March 2020, we saw the launch of the Viazi-Vitamu Mobile application and web system. This project is mainly focused on integrating ICT in the quality production of sweet potato planting in East Africa. Its major key functions include: User registration(as...

Sensitization about digital farming to the small holder farmers.

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Dr. Dick Kamuganga, the President of Unffe together with a small group from Uganda National Farmers Federation visited some of the small holder pig farmers at their farms on the 17th March,2021. These farmers were encouraged to take on and utilize the digital systems that is to say the ICT4Farmers...