ICT4FarmersTraining of the TOTs in the 5 Regions of Uganda.

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The main objective for this training was to establish and operationalise a farmer digital skill program. The TOTs that were trained are farmer representatives from all the DFAs (District Farmer Associations) in all the 5 regions in the country. This training was conducted to introduce the system to the farmer...

Registration of Farmers into the ICT4Farmers system

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The ICT4Farmers system is currently registering farmers from all around the world. This registration will enable a farmer utilize the modules of ict4farmers that is to say the call center incase of any farming inquiries, enterprise selection that enhances their decision making , alerts and notifications that alerts them incase...

Digitization in the farming sector

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Embracing ICT for the farmers is our passion. On the 18th March 2020, we saw the launch of the Viazi-Vitamu Mobile application and web system. This project is mainly focused on integrating ICT in the quality production of sweet potato planting in East Africa. Its major key functions include: User registration(as...