ICT4FarmersTraining of the TOTs in the 5 Regions of Uganda.

The main objective for this training was to establish and operationalise a farmer digital skill program. The TOTs that were trained are farmer representatives from all the DFAs (District Farmer Associations) in all the 5 regions in the country.

This training was conducted to introduce the system to the farmer heads that had heard of the program but weren’t well conversant with the system.so the training aimed at training the farmer leaders on how to use the app and then these leaders became the preachers of the gospel to their fellow farmers.

The training was conducted by 8tech consults the software developers that developed the system, Uganda National Farmers Associations (UNFFE) the board governing all the farmers associations and Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) who are the funders of the project.

During the training farmers hard their suggestions that they felt weren’t being addressed by the system. These suggestions were heard and considered and are being incorporated in the system. For example, during the training in Aura the DFAs representatives suggested that language t translation should be given to DFAs to handle which is a very wonderful ideas because all districts in Uganda have DFAs hence easy language translation.

A few challenges were faced by the team that was carrying out the training like some participants were not aware of the reason why they had come for these trainings hence setbacks in the progress of the trainings and how people had little or no knowledge of IT which was a bit difficult to teach these people website administration.

But above all the system that is comprising of the mobile app, call centre and the websites had a good reception from the farmers who are eagerly learning to use it to improve the farm enterprises.Musa taking farmer repr

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