UnffeICT4Farmers Users Training

Over the past two decades Africa has experienced the fastest growth in the global telecommunications market, especially due to the tremendous growth of the mobile telecommunications sector. Studies have shown that ICT’s play a significant role in a country’s development, and the strategic application of ICT’s to the agricultural sector, which is the largest economic sector in most African countries, offers the best opportunity for economic growth and poverty alleviation on the continent. ICT in the farming sector has not yet been adopted so much by the public especially in the developing sector however it being penetrated slowly, this is as a result of the limited knowledge among the farmers about the importance of using ICT in the farming sector. Many farmer based institutions and companies have come up with many different ways and techniques of reaching out to the farmers both nationally and internationally.

Eight Tech Consults together with Uganda National Farmers Federation (UNFFE) have evolved an android based mobile application android which is user friendly and can easily be used by farmers, buyers and service providers all over the country. It is a mobile application that was mainly setup for farmers to enhance their decision making skills, manage farm and production records, view available markets and also enable farmers share resources amongst themselves. These can be achieved through the various modules on the application which include the farm management module, services, resource sharing, open market, enterprise selection not forgetting the call center.

ICT4Farmers application is ready to be rolled out and training is yet to be scheduled for the farmers/users in the various regions that is to say West Nile Region, Northern Region, Eastern Region, Central Region and Western Region. It will be of great use and help to the farmers, buyers and service providers. This application is already available on google play store and can be downloaded.

You can use the link below to download the application.



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