The UNFFE ICT4Farmers Mobile Application now on Google Play Store!

The Unffe Ict4Farmers application is a mobile application that was mainly setup for farmers to enhance their decision making skills, manage farm and production records, view available markets and also enable farmers share resources amongst themselves.

These can be achieved through the various modules on the application which include the farm management module, services, resource sharing, open market, enterprise selection not forgetting the call centre.

One of the outstanding modules is the enterprise selection which enhances a farmer’s decision making thus enabling them make better decisions by filling in the required questions.Furthermore we have the resource sharing which works in such a way that if a  farmer has a resource for example a hoe that they are not using they can be able to put it on the market for another farmer to rent it out.Lastly the call centre module that connects a farmer to an agent who can assist them with the issues they are facing.

With this application ,  the life of any farmer new or old will be simpler and we look forward to seeing farmers enjoy farming and not dread and fear the risks involved in farming.

Follow the link below to download the application.

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  1. The ability to manage incomes and expenditure for the farm on the application is very helpful.

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