Hindrance of Adaption of ICT for farmers

Most people in the world are embracing ICT but our smallholder farmers are still lagging behind despite its fruitful benefits, farmers have really not given IT attention. They see it as low key and can hardly adopt it. There are multiple reasons that obstruct farmer’s adaptation of ICT in Uganda and these include;

  • Perception. People’s mindset is a highly affecting factor most farmers in Uganda have a different perception about use of ICT. Most of them are so skeptical about it, they think it’s only for the elite class and its functions are complex. This deters most of them from enforcing the practice.
  • Limited skills. Farmers in Uganda lack the necessary skills that are required in the ICT practice. These farmers are not learned and perhaps having limited knowledge on computer and related device. This deters their involvement in IT practices during farming.
  • Rigidity. Most farmers are rigid about the old ways and can’t transform to the new systems. They are used to “this is how things are done” attitude. It deters them from learning new things hence no need for ICT.
  • Cost of adaptation. ICT is not a cheap practice, it involves expenses right from the start to the end i.e. purchasing of the gadgets, learning and training expenses, internet costs, etc. so in attempts for farmers to escape from those expenses, they end up seeing no need of these technologies.
  • Nature of farming. Small scale farmers find it unnecessary to overload themselves with a number of complex events involved in technology adaptation.

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