Project Implementation Team (PIT) Meeting.

In preparation for the start of the next phase for the ICT 4 Farmers project scheduled for August 2021, the Eight Tech Team together with the UNFFE team came together to draw up a work plan for the activities that will be executed within the phase two of the ICT 4 Farmers.

Amongst those activities included;

  1. Establishing a baseline understanding of content and information needs for farmers and other stakeholders.
  2. Decision Enhancement Platform upgrade(web, mobile, IVR services) support and maintenance.
  3. Establishing a mechanism of content development ,validation, certification and distribution.
  4. Establishing and operationalize a farmer digital skills program.
  5. Mobilize and create awareness of the Decision Enhancement platforms and agriculture e-content solutions above to promote usage.
  6. Programme Management.

With this brief,clear and systematic work plan or line of activities, digitization in the agricultural sector will be greatly enhanced and improved.

However you can view the web application and download the mobile application using the links below.

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