Background and objectives of the activity:

The activity was intended to review the ICT4Farmer system and services and discuss the best way to collaborate with Community Farmers Network (COMFARNET) and the Uganda Christian University on the system uptake.


COMFARNET underscores the importance of sustainable farmer livelihoods as the backbone for agriculture transformation and to maintain farmers’ interest in agriculture. Consequently, in an attempt to deliver sustainable livelihoods for smallholder farmers, they designed a transformation model the COMFARNET livelihood Transformation Model (CTM) as an alternative approach to the many livelihood improvement efforts aimed at supporting farmers’ resilience in the face of the ever-changing economic environment. CTM emphasizes the idea of restoring farmers’ interest in coffee and mobilizing them to actively participate in its commercial production. To transition from a peasant economy to middle-income status, a number of measures strategies, and systems have to be put in place.

Therefore COMFARNET and 8Tech met to discuss collaboration as development and technology partners regarding ICT4Farmers service which includes, the Call Centre, the E-Agriculture academy, and the web and mobile system on how these services can be used by the small-holder coffee farmer to better improve productivity along the value chain.

COMFARNET and UCU have over 100,000 farmers which are located (40,000 in Wakiso, 10,000 in Nakaseke, 20,000 in Kiboga, 10,000 in Kyakwanzi, 10,000 in Lwengo, and 10,000 in Kalungu East)

These are active coffee family farmers.

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