DAY 1 of the 28th National Agricultural Show.

Objectives of the activity:

The activity is aimed at further skilling and training farmers on the use of digital tools like the ICT4Farmers mobile app for access to market of the exhibited products to other people, easy communication with the products sellers and product buyers.  Better and safer record keeping. ICT4Farmers record keeping and farm management module is a service on the mobile app that helps farmers better manage their farm activity records, financial records and production records for all the value chain stages of farming. Pre-production, Production and Post-production or post-harvest.

The exhibitors at the agricultural show are trained on how to download the app from google play store, sign up and then upload their products on the mobile app market access services, when products are uploaded different people will express their interests in products and contact the product owners by chart or by a call.

The objective for doing this is to provide platform for buying and selling farm produce through market services, better farm monitoring and management, toll free farmers call Centre, and the e-agriculture academy plus more.

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