UNFFEICT4Farmers Platform Training of DFAs

UNFFEICT4Farmers is a project developed for small holder farmers to address the issues faced along the value chain. The system is designed to solve and address the issues faced during the different stages of production for the farmers which are pre-production, (the first stage) production (the second stage) and post-production (the third stage). We understand that at every stage there are different stakeholders and activities with their challenges and UNFFEICT4Farmers is designed to address these issues.

the app can be found on google play store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.eighttechnologes.ict4farmers&hl=en&gl=US

The UNFFEICT4Farmers system has several modules which work together as a unit to provide the solution to the farmers’ issues along the value chain. These modules include.

  1. Farmer Profile. (Garden mapping and easy farm location, Better farmer’s production records.)
  2. Input and output service Providers. (Locate service providers easily.)
  3. Agriculture Enterprise Selection.(For better decision making and farming tips)
  4. UNFFE Call Center. (Help, inquiries, quick response and contact experts)
  5. UNFFE Market access services (Demand and supply channel, Price information.
  6. Alerts and Opportunities (Queries and Notifications, Pest and disease surveillance)
  7. Farm Record Management (Production records, Financial records)
  8. Resource sharing (Resource booking)
  9. Extension Service Monitoring.
  10. Micro Weather services (Community weather, Meteorological weather)
  11. Data Analytics and visualization Services (Reports and visualizations)
Objective of this training:

UNFFEICT4Farmers training is for the TOT (trainers of trainees). This program is to skill the trainers on how to use the system and there after they will be the training agents of the farmers and the trainers of the farmers. Therefore it’s important that this first training program is given to people that can better pass on the skills to other people. Having some ICT knowledge and skills is an added advantage.