Farmer Digital skills training in Mbale

Training farmers on the digital skills

Social media How to use Twitter
How to use Facebook
How to use LinkedIn
How to use YouTube
How to use Instagram
How to us WhatsApp
Online Security Being safe online
Online safety tips (password, Two-factor authentication, software updates, phishing, wifi Network, Regular backup)
Virus and anti-virus
Internet browsing Common web browsers
Search Engines
Use of specific keywords
Simplifying your searching terms
Use quotation marks
Removing unhelpful words in the search statement
Refine search using operators
Understanding search pitfalls
Websites What is a website
Advantages of having a websites
Understanding the different types of websites
How to manage and update a website
Digital devices Using smartphones
Using computers
Use of assistive technologies
Farmer’s ICT platforms How to use ICT4Farmers Call Centre services
How to us the E-Agriculture academy
How to use the ICT4Farmers mobile app
How to us the ICT4Farmers web system