Advanced Computer Application and Systems Training

This course aims at developing students’ knowledge on the certain software applications, programs, tools and how the various programs and applications can be used.

Objectives/Learning outcomes

  • Work effectively with a range of current, standard, Office Productivity software applications.
  • Evaluate, select and use office productivity software appropriate to a given situation.
  • Apply basic adult learning and assessment principles in the design, development, and presentation of material produced by office productivity applications.
  • Demonstrate employability skills and a commitment to professionalism.
  • Operate a variety of advanced spreadsheet, operating system and word processing functions.
  • Solve a range of problems using office productivity applications, and adapt quickly to new software releases.
  • Maintain quality assurance through critically evaluating procedures and results.

VENUE: Blended i.e. Both online at    and physical venue will be communicated.

(All participants will have access and contribute to the online discussions (Forums) setup to help members exchange ideas. The course will continue being available to members four months after the training.

The course will be starting on 15th February 2021 at a of Cost 400,000 UGX for a month

Target Audience

Students esp. university, Organizational workers, Businesses people looking to newly introducing ICT into the business, Individuals in need improving their skills, Personnel in jobs that need the skills.

Cohort Course Training Dates; 15th May, 15th August, 15th October 2021

 Registration is open for both modules. For More Information please call: +256 785 137305 / 0414-666-784 | 0704140818 Or Email: cc: and Book Your Place Today.